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I Am Chronically Resilient

  • Certified Master Life and Health Coach

  • Specializing in Chronic Pain Management for BIPOC

  • Reiki Energy Healer

  • Award Winning Author

  • Engaging Motivational Speaker

  • Diagnosed with Chronic Pain after being rear-ended by a drunk driver

  • Was previously bedridden

  • Partnered with impactful organizations nationwide

This is my story.

I Am A Chronic Pain Champion. I Am Chronically Resilient.

A drunken driver rear-ended me on July 4, 2016, which completely changed the trajectory of my life. I remember the day that I looked at the 15 different prescriptions staring me in the face. My stomach churned at the thought of swallowing them. How did it come to this? How was I so easily replaced by a hollow shell of who I used to be? Although a doctor had prescribed pain medications, they did nothing to help me deal with the changed circumstances. The medications, all 15 of them, still were unable to touch the pain that had become my daily existence. What other options were there?... 

I realized there is more to life than undeniable pain. It was undeniable love for my children. I have three beautiful children who I needed to live for, I needed results, not another prescription for a medication that would either put me to sleep or turn me into more of a "zombie" than I already was. This yearning to live for my children and to take my health into my own hands is what caused me to start on the road to health, coaching, and advocacy. Within a four month time frame I was able to get off all the medications that I was on, plus lose the 50 pounds I gained while on those medications. Now, I guide others towards reconnecting with their intuition and discovering healing strategies that align with their lifestyles.

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What People Are Saying

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“If you are ready to take your life back and start on the road to recovering from chronic pain, please don’t hesitate to reach out
to me. I see you. I hear you.
I am ready to help you.”

Certified Master Life And Health Coach, Serita Valmond

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A warm and friendly Master Certified Coach with a heart for helping others navigate the challenges of Chronic Pain, Serita inspires beyond her impressive credentials. Yes, she's a loving mother, an award-winning author, the proud recipient of the RISE  Mental Health Award, and you may have heard her sharing words of encouragement on "That's What She Said," the WJMR Jammin 98.3 segment. Yet, Serita's journey with chronic pain began seven years ago, after a run-in with a drunk driver left her not only grappling with physical discomfort but also navigating the complexities of a fractured healthcare system. Searching for answers, she set out on a personal mission to rediscover a fulfilling life through holistic pain management.

Now, Serita passionately channels her personal triumph into helping others through coaching, workshops, speaking engagements, personalized plans, and more. Her approach is all-encompassing, covering the importance of nutrition, stress management, rest, mental healing from trauma, while constantly learning to expand her offerings to meet the needs of those who need support the most. She's all about guiding individuals to reconnect with their intuition and find unique strategies that seamlessly fit into their lifestyles. Beyond her coaching role, Serita is a tireless advocate for a broader understanding of chronic pain and its management and firmly beliefs in reaching those in underserved communities.


Her friendly and relatable style creates a comfortable space for open conversations, fostering awareness and empowerment within communities. Serita's story is not just about overcoming personal adversity; it's about becoming a friend and guide for those seeking inspiration and knowledge in the realm of chronic pain. Her down-to-earth and compassionate approach makes her a trusted ally, providing individuals with the friendly support and practical tools they need to embark on their own transformative journeys toward holistic well-being.

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